Contact by mail

You can reach me by mail at:

Sara Ruffin (95743247)

Baganuur District

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 12000

(VIA China)

Helpful hints:

1. Mail to Mongolia generally takes two to four weeks to arrive, and 
some mail may never arrive. Packages sent by ground mail may take 2-3 months to arrive.

2. Number any letters you send to me so that I can keep track of whether I've received them or not. Also, include the word “Airmail” on their envelopes. 

3. Avoid interesting stamps to deter theft.

4. Use sturdy, well-taped boxes. If you need a lesson on how to tape a box so as no one can break into it, take my mom's workshop on wrapping Christmas presents. Too much tape is just enough tape.

5. I might have to pay a fee to retrieve a package you send me. You can lessen this fee if you avoid listing any "luxury" items you send me. Undervaluing the contents deters theft and ensures that customs doesn't charge me an insane amount for pickup. Also, the USPS is much easier to work with on my end than private carriers.

6. I strongly recommend sending Flat Rate Boxes. You can pack them full and ship them over for one flat fee, regardless of weight.

7. Write "VIA China" on mail/packages.